When & Where:

September 9, 2017

Registration: 8:45am – 9:45am

Race Begins: 10:00am

26 Chapel Road Savoy, MA 01256

Contact:Race Participation: Greta Facchetti - (413) 652-7673 / gretafacchetti@yahoo.comRace Sponsorship / Donations : Dale Danylin (413) 344-5455 / thespotter@msn.com or Ashley LeGrand 978-340-5787 / alegrand@crimson.ua.edu

Race Route:“The race begins with a ¼ mile in the school field where participants are sent off with cheers around the field from on-lookers. Once exiting the field, participants will head west on Loop Road following that 1.25 miles until reaching Route 116 where they will head east for approximately 1.5 miles turning onto the upper part of Loop Road heading north. The road race will end at the Emma L. Miller Elementary School after traveling back through the field with onlookers and students cheering them in. There are 2 water stops along the route.”

The Savoy Loop Road Race is a fundraising event which benefits the Emma L. Miller Memorial Elementary School located in beautiful Savoy, MA. This unique school offers an exceptional educational environment where students are able to achieve their full potential with the help of a dedicated staff of professionals.

In the winter of 2013, the Savoy PTG discussed the need for something to bring the school and community together as a whole. Their goals were to fundraise for the school and to involve students, parents and as many community members as willing. Thus, the Savoy Loop Road Race was born.

The Savoy Loop is a day of competition and fun for all ages. This event consists of a 5-mile road race, 1-mile walk and a kids’ fun run. The Savoy Loop is a festive day for all members of the community to enjoy together. The day culminates with prizes for the top finishers in the road race and an open raffle for all participants in the road race and the walk.

If you are interested in supporting the Savoy Loop, you can register for the event and/or choose to sponsor the event. Please click on the appropriate tabs above. Thank you for visiting our webpage and we look forward to seeing you at our next race!


Savoy PTG